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CESOC is intended to help the engineering community by sharing technical information with engineers locally in Orange County, CA as well as globally. This job description is a compendium of the tasks and responsibilities CESOC believes are required of the Component Engineering positions in electronics design and manufacturing companies

The Component Engineer's responsibilities are as follows: (Manage Components Selection Qualification & Usage).

  1. Maintains the Approved Parts List (APL) or (AVL) Approved Vendors List.
  2. Member of Material Review Board (MRB) and change implementation board.
  3. Assigns inventory part numbers and constructs standardized descriptions for all new parts. 
  4. Reviews all requests for new components to assure that a current part can satisfy the requirements.
  5. Establishes and maintains a specification system for off-the-shelf parts.
  6. Generates specifications for all new custom component parts
  7. Coordinates failure analysis and corrective activities on component parts.
  8. Maintains the APL and assigns new inventory part numbers
  9. Assists design engineers in the selection of parts that best fit their requirements.
  10. Value engineering (cost reduction).
  11. Maintains component library or CESOC web pages /Company Vendor/Rep Phone list.
  12. Participates in design reviews for the purpose of component selection and standardization.
  13. Authorizes ECOs (Engineering Change Orders) written against component and specifications
  14. UL, CSA, TUV representative.
  15. Perform the reliability prediction (e.g.. MTBF) of the board level and requesting the reliability information of component from manufacturers if required.
  16. Create crash emergency programs for testing new replacement of selected alternate source on items were primary source could not deliver
    as promised.  Prepares handling and process instructions for Incoming, In process and Final.

  17. Creates an "Obsolete" part number APL/AVL for Customer Service.

  18. Is action item carrier for approval of Temporary deviations, rendering.  First Article approvals, and "Purges" due to supplier substitution
    without prior approval.

  19. Prepares procedures for Incoming Q.A. when they do not seem to have a level capability for sophisticated component testing.

  20. Responsible for Managing Phase in Development of for ASIC qualifying testing and characterization of First Silicon. prior to implement production mask.

  21. Working with Factory on E&O (Excess & Obsolete) component Inventories.

  22. Cost Analysis for components used and selected for new programs.

  23. Component End of Life (EOL), Availability, Lead-time and Pricing.

  24. Risk Management. Alert of Obsolete or Change of Cost Effectively because of EOL or PCN notice.

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