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The Component Engineering Society of Orange County,
Calif. has tabulated the following data for your use:

ce-act.gif (910 bytes) Active Component Manufacturers ce-pass.gif (912 bytes) Passive Component Manufacturers
ce-em.gif (903 bytes) Electro-Mechanical Component Manufacturers ce-reps1.gif (923 bytes) Orange County Manufacturer's Rep Listing
ce-dist1.gif (900 bytes) Distributor Listing ce-faxb1.gif (935 bytes) Reserved-TBD
ce-ref1.gif (897 bytes) Other Engineering References ce-eng1.gif (899 bytes) Southern California Engineering Firms
ce-jobs.gif (906 bytes) Southern California Jobs Listing ce-contmfg.gif (944 bytes) Contract PCBA Manufacturing Companies
ce-sw.gif (932 bytes) Engineering Software CE-SEAR.gif (918 bytes) Search CESOC



Sept 29-30 OC Electronics Show-2009 Orange County Fair Grounds
February 9 -11, 2010 Electronics & MD&M West Show ANAHEIM, Ca Convention Center
April 6-8, 2010 IPC APEX EXPO Las Vegas
May 5-6, 2010

Del Mar Electronics Show

Del Mar  Fair Grounds, Ca

Upcoming Engineering Seminars
Date and Time Event Location

Component Engineering Society meetings are at 6:00pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Various Locations.  Please Notify Gil King via FAX 949-9165722 or webmaster below if you have corrections to the information above.

Go to CESOC meeting agenda. Component Engineering Job Description

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