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Orange County Components Reference Listing of useful and interesting links:

Reference Name
ABC News- Technology Section
Advanced Packaging Magazine
American Institute of Physics
American National Standards Institute  (ANSI)
American Society for Testing and Materials  (ASTM)
Business Wire
Canadian Standards Assn.  (CSA)
Channel Web Network (CRN)
Circuits Assembly OnLine
CNN Sci-Tech
Coast Magazine Orange County
Compliance Engineering Magazine (CE)
Computer Net  (CNET)
Connector Specifier Magazine (InterConnection World)
CPMT/ IEEE (Components, Packaging, & Manufacturing Technology)
Darnell VXI power electronics
DeskTop Engineering Magazine (DE-OnLine)
DataSheet 360
Data Sheet 4u
Data Sheet List
Design Chain Associates (DCA)
DigiTimes News
Discover Circuits
ECIA-Resource Central
EDS - Electronics Distributors Show
EE Times  
EEM Online
EENet Semiconductor Manufacturers Sites
EIA/JEDEC Standards
ElectroChemical Society's (ECS)
Electronic Buyers' News (EBN)
Electronic Component News  (ECN)
Electronic Design
Electronics Design News
Electronic Engineering Time Magazine (EE Times)
Electronic Industries Association  (EIA)
Electronic Product News (EPN)
Electronic Products 
Electronics Manufactures on the Net  
Electronics Representatives Association Southern Calif (ERA-SC)
Electronics Representatives Association San Diego (ERA-SD)
Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA)
Evaluation Engineering Magazine
Federal Communications Commission  (FCC)
InfoStor Magazine 
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)
Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronics Circuits (IPC)
Institute for Supply Management (ISM)
InterConnection World
International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI)
International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS)
International Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE)
In-Stat Group (Cahners)
Los Angeles Times
Mit Semiconductor Subway
Orange County Business
Outsorcing Institute(OI)
MSNBC-Technology News
NAPM-OC National Association of Purchasing Management
NASA-Technology Briefs Magazine
NEMI/INEMI - InterNational Electronics Manufacturing Initiative
News.Com (Cnet)
Orange County Register
PC World
PlanetAnalog (EE Times)
Printer Wiring Board Resource Center
San Jose Mercury News-Technology Silicon Valley  
SCORE Orange County
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Internationals (SEMI)
SMT Magazine   
Solid State Technology (ElectroIQ)
Surface Mount Technology Association  (SMTA) LA & Orange County
Surface Mount Technology Association  (SMTA) San Diego
Surface Mount Technology Association  (SMTA) Corporation Office
Tech Web
Test and Measurement World
The Electronics Source Book OnLine
Thomas Netl/Register
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association
UBM Channel
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
United Business Media (UBM)
U.S. Tech
VMEbus International Trade Assoc VITA Standards Group
WallStreet & Technology
Wikipedia-Electronics Devices
Wired News
Wireless Design & Development Online
World's Online Newspapers
ZDNet News

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